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Space Engineering - Programming block

Since KeenSWH released the Programming block its now possible to build pretty good automations for your ships and go as far as building fully automated ships. However, I notice that there is a distinct lack of interface design in the exposed API.

For now I’m going to dump a few bits of code that i’m working on here

Speed calculator

Shamelessly adapted from a Gist by A.W. Stanley

How to use:

I’m still working on the store implementation, but this first iteration should flexible about the persistence method. The ser-de logic is hidden in the struct.

LCD Panel

How to use:

An object should be created for each Panel. The interface is “fluid” so you can chain functions together lcd.clear().writeLine("foo"); or lcd.writeLine("foo").writeLine("bar");, so you don’t have to add newlines manually

Cruise Control

How to use it:

The thruster passed in need to be already overridden for this to work. The naive implementation will just toggle the overridden thruster on and off dependent on the speed passed in.

Navigational Computer is responsible for making maneuvers, changing the orientation of the ship, rather than translating ship’s position.


The interface here is somewhat badly designed as I would like to make the navigator work with angles rather than seconds, but as it is it should allow decent automatic control of the ship